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His Harvest is an Australian charity and Public Benevolent Institution with Deductible Gift Recipient Status.  

We seek to partner with local communities nationally and internationally to set up developmental projects that relieve poverty, sickness, suffering, distress, misfortune, disability and destitution as well as seeking to partner, equip and empower people with a philanthropic heart. We have projects running here in Caboolture, as well as India, Zimbabwe, Sudan and PNG.

His Harvest seeks to have all administrative costs paid for by the board and merchandise sales so that 100% of donations reach the project.
We are redefining charitable giving in Australia. Sycamore Health and His Harvest are partnered. You have several options for donating or participating in the charitable works of His Harvest simply by getting your treatment with Sycamore Health. 

Covid-19 in India


India is a vulnerable nation. Her citizens live in unimaginable poverty, in overcrowded slums and communities. They live hand to mouth with unreliable or no access to clean water, let alone soap. Healthcare is a luxury few can afford.

Our ministries in India, Berachah Ministries and Beulah Ministries, have implemented strict rules to prevent Covid-19 from entering their Orphanages. They have restricted entry into their Orphanages, installed hand-washing stations, introduced social distancing and provided masks.

In addition to their normal ministries, both Berachah and Beulah have taken on the social responsibility of providing basic groceries for hundreds of poor families that have been unable to work during the government sanctioned lockdown. These RATION PACKS cost $25AUD each and contain: 20kgs of rice, dahl, wheat flour, sugar, vermicelli, spices, chilli powder, sunflower oil, onions, toothpaste, dettol soap, detergent soap, coconut oil. These ration packs are life-saving and feed a family of 4 for 10 days. We are hoping to raise enough to feed 2000 families.

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Please visit https://www.hisharvest.com.au to see how your generous gift could impact lives around the globe, or right here in Australia. 

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