Remedial Massage aims to reduce stiffness in your muscles and joints, increase your flexibility, and restore your normal mobility. Manual therapy designed to heal and activate the musculoskeletal system. Most treatments are designed specifically to address your pain, goals and special requirements. June uses a variety of techniques including deep tissue massage, trigger point, assisted stretching and cupping. June is passionate about helping people revive their body, restoring their self-awareness to help them achieve their health and fitness goals. June prides herself in her continuing professional developing, always looking to improve and enhance her body of knowledge. 

Sports massage (a specific form of remedial therapy) aids to release your total potential within your given code of sport. June specialises in working with nationally competing Crossfit athletes. She also has experience working with many national level sporting teams. If you are in need of an experienced sports massage therapist, June can keep you playing at your best. So whether you slug it out on the field, or in the office, our fully qualified remedial massage therapist can relax, restore and rejuvenate you in minutes. Shed off the layers of your pain and get longer lasting results with a tailored massage, specific to your needs.


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