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Osteoarthritis and Physiotherapy

Osteoarthritis and Physiotherapy If you were dealing with a sports injury or recovering after an operation, you'd probably consider physiotherapy. But have you ever thought of physiotherapy as a treatment for osteoarthritis? Maybe not. What is Osteoarthritis?Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common form of arthritis. You’re more likely to develop OA once you hit 40 or if you’ve previously injured your joint.Osteoarthritis affects the whole joint. That includes the bon...

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MMA and BJJ Physio

MMA and BJJ PhysioAre you looking for a physiotherapist with a background in martial arts? Physiotherapist Mitchell Robinson (BExSci, BPhysio, APAM), who’s currently training out of Base Training Centre in Brendale with MMA and ex-UFC fighter Damien Brown, has trained in Judo for a number of years (competing at a state level), and has recently transitioned into no-gi BJJ and MMA. For some reason he loves fighting; if he’s not reading or researching all things rehab, he can be...

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Hydrotherapy Exercise Based Rehabilitation in the Comfort of A Heated Pool Hydrotherapy, also known as aquatic therapy, is a specific treatment option utilised by physiotherapists and exercise physiologists to treat a range of conditions. Hydrotherapy combines the properties of water (bouyancy, water resistance, temperature, hydrostatic pressure) to effectively treat various conditions that may not be effectively managed with land-based exercise. Rehabilitation outcomes can often be...

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Tendinopathy: 5 Things You Need to Know

Tendinopathy: 5 Things You Need to Know ​What are tendons?Your body is held together by tendons, bands of fibrous connective tissue that attach your muscles to your bones and help you move. Your tendons are impressively strong and yet they’re easily injured.What is tendinopathy?Tendinopathy is a tendon disorder that develops when the collagen in your tendon breaks down.That causes pain and reduces both your flexibility and your range of motion.It's often caused by overusing y...

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Why Sycamore Health is Different!

Fostering Dependence There are two things that may happen when you visit a health profesional. One, they may attempt to create dependence in you by: 1. Fostering beliefs that you are fragile - that you need to be really careful when you leave their office into the big bad world where you get damaged etc.2. Adopting an overly structural view of the body - that things are tight, loose, out of place etc. and need "correcting" by the health professional3. Incorporate an inordinate ...

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