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10 Things You Need To Know About Tendinopathy – Pt 1

Insert TestimonialInsert Symbol or Content Template Tendinopathy: 10 Things You Need to Know - Pt 1 Tendinopathy (also known as tendonitis and/or tenosynovitis) is a tendon disorder that can develop in any tendon in the body and results in pain and impaired function. Here are 10 things you need to know - part 1! WARNING: While I've done my best to make this series interesting, it's slightly more information dense than some of our other posts - but persevere! Knowledge is power and ...

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Sports Series Part 5: Muscle Tightness

Insert TestimonialInsert Symbol or Content Template Muscle Tightness ​One of the main concerns people come to us for is a complaint of a tight muscle/are of the body. In the sporting population, the complaint is usually around tight calves or glutes with running. So, what do you do to get rid of this problem? Most people’s first line of defence is to stretch. Intuitively that makes sense doesn’t it? The muscle feels tight, which means it’s probably too short, which means ...

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Sports Series Part 4: Overtraining

Insert TestimonialInsert Symbol or Content Template Overtraining It’s no secret that to perform well in competition you have to train hard! However, hard training sessions break you down, fatigue you, and make you weaker. It’s in the rest periods that you become stronger. Positive physiological adaptations occur in rest periods, not work periods. The hard training is the stimulus for adaptation. This adaptation occurs in response to taxing the cardiovascular and muscular systems...

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Sports Series Part 3: Stretching

Insert TestimonialInsert Symbol or Content Template Stretching in sport Apparently we stretch to 1) improve flexibility and 2) to reduce injury rates. What limits flexibility? Viscoelastic muscle properties (viscosity and titin?) The nervous system (reflexes may limit the stretch we can experience) Joint structures (bones, capsules, ligaments…) Skin tightness? (only some joints) The nervous system seems to play a role in limiting muscle extensibility. There ar...

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Sports Series Part 2: Training for Skill Aquisition

Insert TestimonialInsert Symbol or Content Template Task Decomposition vs Task Simplification Learning a new skill in a sporting context can be incredibly fun or incredibly frustrating. Therefore, efforts have been make picking up a new skill easier. However, debate exists as to the best way to do this. Task decomposition refers to the process of decomposing a task into manageable components in an effort to reduce the cognitive demand on learners. For example, a learner may break...

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