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5 Reasons Why Postnatal Physiotherapy is So Important

Every woman knows that their body will change in a variety of different ways during pregnancy, but there is relatively little discussion of how these changes can impact postnatal recovery. While most new mums are well aware that their body won’t immediately snap back to their version of normal the moment they have given birth, many women find themselves surprised at how significant the changes can be, as well as how long-lasting they are. Thankfully, there is a solution: postna...

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Back Pain? A Physiotherapist can Help!

You may already know from personal experience that back pain can be complicated and difficult to diagnose and treat. There are so many causes behind back pain, and the range of treatments available is pot luck as to whether they will even work for you. You have to try more than one to see if you can make sure that your back feels better and move past the pain. It can be frustrating to be trapped within the back pain that you are feeling, but the most important thing that you can d...

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