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“Standing on the shoulders of giants.”
– Isaac Newton

At Sycamore Health we want to have a strong educational focus. The process of teaching has become an ever-increasing imperative of healthcare in Australia and we’re not one to shy away from this demand. In fact, education within a treatment session has underpinned the profession of physiotherapy since it’s inception, due to our exercise-focused therapy. But did you know that it takes hours upon hours of research and tedious study to discover new facts and truths? The things we teach aren’t simply anecdotal, instead they form from a huge body of evidence that has taken years to build. Moreover, the body of evidence is constantly evolving thanks to new studies and discoveries, and it’s the latest information that girds the basis of our treatment approach: Evidence-Based Practice.

So we’ve created this blog for research and information containing healthcare advice for YOU. We want to equip the you with the most up-to-date knowledge and research.

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