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Physiotherapy Pain Management

If you are suffering from severe pain, whether it be chronic or severe, it is most probably time to seek some sort of medical intervention to address any underlying issue, and improve your quality of life. Seeing a your physiotherapist can be the best choice you make … Continue reading Physiotherapy Pain Management →


Fibromyalgia (FM) is a chronic condition, which causes widespread musculoskeletal pain and fatigue. It most commonly affects young to middle-aged women and its presentation is varied, often fluctuating in its clinical course.What are the causes? The cause is unknown but several theories suggest genetics may play a role as … Continue reading Fibromyalgia →

Autoimmune Diseases & Gut Function

There’s been a lot of emerging evidence in the last 10 years or so to show that there may be a connection between gut function, autoimmune disease and even mental health problems. If you have read the GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) diet book … Continue reading Autoimmune Diseases & Gut Function →

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