MMA and BJJ Physio

MMA and BJJ Physio

Are you looking for a physiotherapist with a background in martial arts? 

Physiotherapist Mitchell Robinson (BExSci, BPhysio, APAM), who’s currently training out of Base Training Centre in Brendale with MMA and ex-UFC fighter Damien Brown, has trained in Judo for a number of years (competing at a state level), and has recently transitioned into no-gi BJJ and MMA. For some reason he loves fighting; if he’s not reading or researching all things rehab, he can be found watching UFC on Fight Pass (during work hours!). 



Not only does he personally understand the demands of grappling (both gi and no-gi) and contact sports, but he also has an in-depth knowledge of the physiotherapy research around injury prevention and rehabilitation. This means that he almost certainly won’t tell you to stop training. Instead he will work with you to keep you on the mats and find ways to tweak your training to get you back to your fighting best as soon as possible. If you want to heal like Wolverine, you need to include certain strategies with your exercises and sports-specific training. 

You tell Mitch your goals, and he will equip you with the tools to get there. He will educate you along the way to make sure that you don’t need to keep booking appointments once a week for the rest of your life (he’s not a chiropractor after all [only kidding!]). 

Give Sycamore health a call on 07 3046 1700 and ask for the MMA physio and we’ll point you in the right direction!

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