Adolescents & Sport: Part 2

Last time, we looked at some of the benefits of participating in sports (if you didn’t catch that blog, you can access it here). This time, I wanted to explore the other side of the equation and look at some common injuries. Hopefully you’ll be well prepared when deciding which sport is best for your adolescent. By far the most common type of injury to occur in adolescent sport are musculoskeletal injuries – injuries to bones, joint, muscles, tendons, ligaments etc. While ...

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Adolescents & Sport: Part 1

Author: Andrew Edwards When I was growing up, I was crazy about sport (and I suppose I still am really). At the time, all I knew was that I was having lots of fun, but little did I know just how beneficial participating in sport really was. The evidence continues to show that getting involved in sport as a young person has so many positives. Below is just simply a list to get you thinking about a few of the most important benefits discovered for your adolescent. Physical deve...

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Sports Massage

Australians love their sport - there’s no doubt about that. Whether you’re an active participant, or an enthusiastic supporter, sports and physical activity can take a fair toll on your body if you’re not proactive. A poor posture in the grandstand or on the couch can lead to tight and sore muscles. Or, considering the average training schedule of competitive players (two trainings and a game per week), your chances of knocks, blows, muscle strains, and ligament sprains increase...

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