Cessation of Medical Services

What's Happening?

Dr Steven Osman-ToddHall finishes his medical services from Sycamore Health on the 1st of July 2023. Our separation was very amicable. He has moved on to Dakabin Family Plus medical. As a current patient of Dr Steve, you are welcome to continue care with him. See below for how to continue your care with a transfer of records.

For Patients

How do I continue my care?

Your records will be accessible by any clinic or general practitioner that you deem as your new primary practitioner. This may include Dr Steve if he choses to work in a private general practice. You can access your records as follows:

  1. Become a new patient of that clinic/GP
  2. Sign a medical release form. This will be a templated form that will be available from your new clinic/GP. It is not something you sign at Sycamore Health.
  3. That practice/GP must send us the signed medical release form. It must specify what record information they want (health summary, whole file, correspondence, particular results, etc.) and how they wish to receive the information (medical objects, email, on a USB, etc.). 
    PLEASE NOTEwhole patient files MUST be receivable via a USB, as they are too large to send electronically, and cannot be sent by encryption software such as medical objects.
  4. Once your file has been sent, your records can be accessed by the new clinic/GP and your care can continue with them. All future results and correspondence should be directed to your new clinic, so be sure to update any existing / regular providers of your new GP's address.

For Referrers/Laboratories/Imaging Providers and Pharmacists

Communication Changes

Importantly, this change means that we will no longer be able to action any reports or results that may be related to a patient’s medical health. Please update your records to note that medical (GP) results cannot be received by Sycamore Health. We will still be able to receive results for all of our allied health practitioners.

What Medicare provider numbers are affected?

For correspondence and contact address details, please remove Sycamore Health from the following provider numbers:

  • 4166697B
  • 4166696T

What prescriber number is affected?

For pharmacists, please remove Sycamore Health from your contact details for prescriber number:

  • 2475242
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