Sycamore Health - Fee Schedule


At Sycamore Health we believe that you should wake up every morning with a spring in your step, feeling healthy and alive. Often musculoskeletal conditions can rob people of their healthy movement, leaving them in a world of pain. Physiotherapy focuses on manual therapy techniques that aim to restore motion, release tension, replace instability with control, and reduce pain. There's a reason physiotherapists are considered the movement specialists! Below is our fee schedule for physiotherapy consultations.

Initial 30 minute consult


Subsequent 30 minute consult


Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) consult

We also accept WorkCover and DVA claims*

*Requires referral from GP
^Some Enhanced Primary Care plans will attract a $20 gap fee if booked after 4pm Mon-Fri, and anytime on Saturday

Women's Health Physiotherapy + Myotherapy

Women's health physiotherapy focuses on continence and pelvic floor rehabilitation. Peri-natal patients strongly benefit from pelvic floor therapy to aid the body's natural recovery from pregnancy. Moreover, our experienced women's health therapist will be able to help restore your normal function and control of your bladder, bowel, abdomen and pelvic girdle. Myotherapy is an adjunct to physiotherapy, derived from a more holistic understanding of the bodies interconnected tissues to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal conditions. Below is our fee schedule for Women's health and Myotherapy consultations.

Initial/subsequent 1 hour consult


Initial/subsequent 30 minute consult


Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) consult

$20 gap payment
We also accept WorkCover and DVA claims*
*Requires referral from GP

Remedial Massage Therapy

Remedial Massage aims to reduce stiffness in your muscles and joints, increase your flexibility, and restore your normal mobility. Sports massage often falls under remedial massage, as it aids to release your total potential within your given code of sport. So whether you slug it out on the field, or in the office, our fully qualified remedial massage therapist can relax, restore and rejuvenate you in minutes. Below is our fee schedule for Remedial Massage Therapy sessions.

1 hour massage


1/2 hour massage


Additional in-session cupping


Jargon explained:

EPC plans are a medicare scheme that allow up to 5 subsidised visits to allied health therapies such as physiotherapy, podiatry, exercise physiology, dietetics, psychology and more. They are generally given to patients with chronic (greater than 3 months) pain/illness. Contact your local GP to ascertain your eligibility for these visits. Referrals to Sycamore Health therapists are completely BULK BILLED meaning you have no out of pocket expense. We require your medicare card for verification, so bring this on your initial appointment. EPC plans must be created by a referring GP or nurse practitioner prior to making an EPC booking.

DVA patients are required to obtain a new D904 referral form from their GP to obtain services with Sycamore Health therapists. You will be required to sign for treatments after each visit.

WorkCover patients are required to have a valid WorkCover claim number and certificate issued by their GP. Ongoing certificates can be emailed to with your claim number and full name in the subject field.

All consultations are approximately 30 minutes duration. We intentionally don't use electrophysical agents such as TENS, IFT, Ultrasound or heat/ice packs. We do use a variety of hands-on treatment methods and provide exercises and programs as determined appropriate by your therapist. You may be required to disrobe if your clothing inhibits movement or exposure to an area. It is recommended to wear loose and comfortable clothing such as a T-Shirt and shorts. If in doubt, please ask our friendly staff before you arrive for your appointment. 

Please try to avoid being late, and make contact with us as soon as possible if any difficulties arrive regarding your appointment time. We're here to help! Late arrivals will consume your allocated time or may be rescheduled at our discretion. Cancelling/rescheduling on the day of your appointment or missing an appointment attracts a $20 cancellation fee, but this may be exchangeable for a reasonable excuse and chocolates.