Free Initial Assessment

A free initial assessment is designed for our physiotherapists to provide an assessment and diagnosis for your concern, providing access to our clinic for any and all new patients. The best part is that it’s not only free of charge - it’s also offered with absolutely no obligation!

What will this appointment look like?

Our physiotherapists will carefully listen to your history and concerns, assess the area in question, and come up with a suitable diagnosis for you.

This is what normally happens in the first 15 minutes of a typical consult. If you decide that after this 15 minutes you want treatment for your issue, then you can extend the assessment into a full 30 minute appointment. You will receive therapy, exercises and advice as deemed required for your needs.

This appointment is non-obligatory and if you feel you don't wish to go ahead with treatment, you are able to leave the appointment then and there - at absolutely no cost.

Don’t wait to book - as an added bonus, if you choose to extend to a full physiotherapy appointment you’ll receive a discount at half the normal price!

Free Initial Assessment

Who is this offer for?

This offer is open to all new patients who have not had physiotherapy at Sycamore Health before.

Are you unsure about a niggle, pain, ache, or injury that you’ve had lately? Or maybe you have a concern or query about your body or your physical health, and you think a physiotherapist might be able to answer your questions? Do you think your health could be better, or something is just “Not quite right”? Then this offer is for you!

At Sycamore Health we would love to help you gain a better understanding of your body, and of any issues you may be having. We’re keen to provide you with a plan to help get you back on a path to what you love doing! 

Access this offer - and your free assessment - now! It’s easy. Book your appointment online and select the "Physiotherapy - FREE Initial Assessment" option. We’ll see you soon!

physiotherapy at Sycamore Health

Why are we offering this?

Here at Sycamore Health, we believe everyone should have equal access to healthcare.

We believe that physiotherapy plays an integral part in this and is a cost-effective option of receiving the care you need.

We want you to be living the life you want and to enjoy being the healthiest version of yourself - and we want to remove any barriers that you may have to accessing the healthcare that you need!  

What are you waiting for?

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