Aches and pains?
Restricted in your movement?
Regularly injuring yourself?

If any of this is you, myotherapy can be the answer!

What is Myotherapy?

Myotherapy is a hands-on manual therapy, which treats and manages numerous musculoskeletal conditions by using a combination of myofascial release, joint mobilisation, trigger point therapy, stretching, dry needling and muscle energy techniques.

It is useful in the treatment of:

  • Tennis/golfer’s elbow
  • Lumbago/sciatica/lower back tension
  • Neck pain
  • Headaches/migraines
  • Joint pain
  • General muscular tension
  • Chronic overuse injuries (plantar fasciopathy, tendinopathies)
  • Knee, hip and ankle pain
  • Myofascial Pain Syndrome

​Sycamore Health is currently not offering women's health or continence physio, Contact us for a list of people who can help

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What will a Myotherapy session involve?

Assessment with Rachel (or as we like to call her: 'The Myotherapy Master'), will involve a thorough history taking, then a physical examination to identify the source of your pain and dysfunction. Part of the examination may involve the identification of trigger points, as well as the palpation of muscles and joints to help improve the effectiveness of your treatment. 

Want more? 

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