Lung Function Testing in Caboolture, QLD

Complete Respiratory Testing to investigate disorders of the lungs

To access this service, request a referral from your medical practitioner and book online.

Lung Function Tests are provided onsite by Lung Diagnostics QLD with a qualified respiratory scientist. 

What is a lung function Test?

A lung function test consists of a number of breathing manouvres on a specialised equipment. Most tests involve sitting on a chair and blowing into a special machine. These tests give us a good idea of how your lungs are functioning. They are often performed before seeing a doctor or specialist or may be ongoing to monitor the condition of your lungs. Most tests are painless, however some tests may require you to blow with a maximal effort. You may be required to use a nose clip for your nose, or use your fingers to block your nose briefly. Most of the tests only last for a few seconds at a time. You won’t be asked to walk or run on a treadmill.

What sort of information can be gained from lung function tests?

These simple tests give us a lot of detailed information on the capacity and integrity of your respiratory system. We can obtain information such as your ability to move air and out of your lungs, your lung capacity, your ability to absorb oxygen, your response to medications, your respiratory muscle strength. This information helps us to look for any issues or diseases that may be affecting your breathing.

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