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Physiotherapy is all about health and wellbeing regarding your movement. Physiotherapists use a huge variety of techniques in order to improve your mobility. Physiotherapy has a large role in reducing pain as well, as this is potentially one of the greatest preventers of healthy movement. And did you know, most therapy is conducted using the physiotherapist's hands alone?! Whether that's releases, stretching, or guiding your body through an exercise - their hands say it all!

Physiotherapy is so much more than just a really good rub. The human body and all its complexities mean that your issues require a complex approach to manage; this is where physiotherapists develop their holistic expertise - by treating so much more than just the muscle! Sprained it? Jarred it? 'Popped' it? Woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Acute or chronic, pain doesn't have to immobilise you. Get moving again, with physio!

What can physiotherapists do?

Do you struggle with chronic pain, or jarred or strained your neck? We tackle both acute and long-term pain.

We provide treatment for everything from generalised pain to whiplash, osteoarthritis and sporting injuries. We aim to get you moving again!

As well as providing tried and tested treatments, our experienced team are also on hand to offer tailored advice to reduce the risk of further injury.

We offer targeted 'prehab' treatment for patients due to undergo surgery. This innovative service is designed to condition and prepare the body.

After surgery, our friendly, skilled physiotherapists are on hand to ensure you enjoy a speedy recovery, guiding you through exercises at a suitable pace.

Our aim is to promote healing and enable you to feel confident and relaxed both before and after surgery. We're here every step of the way to get you back on your feet.

Playing sports offers a wealth of benefits, but there's always a risk of mishaps. We provide targeted programmes aiming to help you bounce back after injury.

We provide patient-focused treatments, creating personalised plans for every individual. Whether you've strained a muscle, or been sidelined for months, we will create a plan specific to your injury.

We know how frustrating injuries can be. Our dedicated team will go above and beyond to have you fighting fit again as quickly as possible.

Men have a unique set of issues when it comes to 'down there'. Incontinence (both urinary and faecal) is challenging to deal with given the often mobile and active lifestyles that men lead. Many of these lifestyles link directly to financial and social supports for self and family. 

Physiotherapy can help you restore your continence. Pelvic floor training and advice can improve issues such as urgency, frequency, discomfort, dribbling, intermittement stream and leaking.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects many men. Although often associated with a prostatectomy (a common procedure performed due to pathological changes in the prostate), ED has many complex origins. Some ED is psychosomatic, and may require education, advice and some behavioural psychology. Some ED is biological, due to diabetes, cardiovascular changes, or neurological changes (including transient praxias or permanent lesioning). Some ED is medication related. Some ED is simply an age-related change, perhaps led by hormonal changes across the lifespan.

Sexuality and erectile function is significant, and we can help work with you to restore your confidence, endurance and performance. We use safe, effective medical aids and can work alongside your partner to help bring positive change.

Pelvic pain is frustrating. Connecting your lower limbs to your trunk, this region is home to many important organs. It has been said, 'nothing about the bowel feels important until it stops working!' The pelvic floor muscles, sacroiliac and coccyx joints, genitalia, bladder and bowels all call the pelvis home. Having pelvic pain is complex, and when it becomes chronic pain, it can be debilitating.

Physiotherapists work to reduce the effects of pelvic pain. We can assess how your pelvis is functioning and explore ways to navigate any deficits we may find. Pelvic pain can be ergonomic, functional or anatomical. It is important to find the source of your dysfunction to have you returning to normality as quickly as possible. 

Unrelenting pain that makes no sense? Tried it all before with no success? Doctor told you to learn to live with it?

You're complex, but your pain doesn't have to be.

Hydrotherapy is a brilliant way to get you moving again when land-based exercise is too difficult. The buoyancy of the water can help you load and move your joints through range without overdoing it.

Physiotherapy isn't just about restoring movement, it's also about improving it! We offer strength and conditioning services to help guide you towards your peak. Our onsite gym at Morayfield and extensive exercise database can help you to smash your goals in a professionally guided and safe environment.

... and so much more! These are simply the most common conditions, but anything muscular, joint or skeletal in nature is where physiotherapy shines. Physiotherapists are qualified in rehabpilates, hydrotherapy and exercise prescription.

How does it all work?

The physiotherapist will bring you in for your consultation, run through your health history and current presentation of symptoms.
 Then they’ll perform a quick physical assessment using a series of special tests, in order to establish a working diagnosis. 
Treatment is then based on your diagnosis and presenting symptoms. They aim to restore you to function as quickly as possible! 

 They also give a little bit of homework, usually exercises. These are are designed to decrease pain, improve strength and restore function, and are vital to your recovery. 



Why Choose Sycamore Health?

Two Convenient Locations in Morayfield and Sippy Downs: our clinics are ideally located in the heart of Morayfield and Sippy Downs.

Convenient online booking: to make life simple and stress-free, we have a straightforward online booking system so you can choose and confirm your appointment in a matter of seconds.

Same-day appointments: We know all too well that sometimes you need assistance on short notice. We reserve a number of appointments each day for those who need help urgently.

Private rooms and treatment: we provide one-to-one treatment in private rooms to ensure you feel completely comfortable.

A wide range of physiotherapy services: we offer a vast array of physiotherapy services, including gym-based rehabilitation, hands-on treatment, tailored advice and custom home exercise programs.

Highly-trained, qualified physiotherapists: our team consists of highly-skilled, fully qualified therapists who are ready to assist you.

Tailored therapies: we understand that your situation is unique and provide tailored services to suit you.

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