Hydrotherapy Morayfield, Caboolture & Sippy Downs

Exercise Based Rehabilitation in the Comfort of A Heated Pool

Hydrotherapy, also known as aquatic therapy, is a specific treatment option utilised by physiotherapists and exercise physiologists to treat a range of conditions. Hydrotherapy combines the properties of water (bouyancy, water resistance, temperature, hydrostatic pressure) to effectively treat various conditions that may not be effectively managed with land-based exercise. Rehabilitation outcomes can often be improved when loads through the joints are reduced, such as with acute pain coditions and post-surgical rehabilitation. Hydrotherapy can also be scaled in difficulty to accomodate more advanced patients who necessitate increased exercise intensity. 

“Hydrotherapy [...] combines the properties of water with the knowledge and skills of the therapist, to make treatment more effective to improve the outcome of the rehabilitation process. Hydrotherapy is a physiotherapy [or exercise physiology] treatment modality carried out in water by physiotherapist.”

(Definition developed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association in 1985).



Healing and Mobility

Specific hydrotherapy techniques and exercises are implemented within the warmth and bouyancy of the aquatic environment with the aim of reducing pain, promoting muscle relaxation, increasing joint range of motion, increasing flexibility, increasing strength, and improving trunk stability and balance reactions.

Orthopaedic, spinal and arthritic conditions are some commonly treated with hydrotherapy and historically respond really well. Treatment is offered on an individual one-on-one basis in a warm pool. Exercises and techniques are specifically tailored to your needs with a view to you continuing exercises independently, either at home or ongoing in the pool (to be arranged on a case-by-case basis).

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