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Exercise Physiology

We've got the Christmas feels! We're giving away a FREE pair of archies thongs with every new patient who books in for an initial exercise physiology appointment in December. Archies thongs are arch-support thongs which cradle the foots natural form. They are a uniform molded design, with no risk of plug blow-outs. Your exercise physiology can be for any condition, but your feet will thank you for making the choice to see Sycamore Health! Now has never been a better time to get on top of your health. Book below.


Physiotherapy is already a great way to conquer your pain and movement dysfunction, but now we're sweetening the pot with a FREE pair of Archies thongs with every new patient who books in December. Appointments are a regular private initial consultation for any body region. You will also receive a free pair of arch-supporting, uniform molded thongs. There has literally never been a better time to come feel the Sycamore Health difference. Book below.

Sycamore Health has welcomed general practitioner Dr Steven Osman-ToddHall. With a lifestyle focus on medicine, Dr Steve has special interests in complex care, chronic illness, sexual health, occupational rehabilitation, ex-military (DVA) and WorkCover QLD claimaints. Dr Steve is heavily sought after, and not taking walk-ins; please contact the clinic to discuss making an appointment to see him.

Physiotherapy is so much more than just a really good rub. The human body and all its complexities mean that your issues require a complex approach to manage; this is where physiotherapists develop their holistic expertise - by treating so much more than just the muscle! Sprained it? Jarred it? 'Popped' it? Woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Acute or chronic, pain doesn't have to immobilise you. Get moving again by booking in to see James, Andrew, Mitch or Jacinta!

Abby, our Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP), will deliver an individualised program tailored to your specific needs. As no two clients are the same, Abby will help you find the perfect program to help you get back to your physical best. You provide your goals and we provide the tools to get you there! Exercise doesn't have to be scary, hard or boring - come and see why exercise prescription has become the drug of choice.

Psychologists look beyond the physical to help you see things a little clearer. Our contracted psychologist Andrew Whaites from iHelpYou! psychology is available to listen to you, and empower you to work through the issues that you face. Sometimes you need to learn a strategy, or develop a new frame of mind, or perhaps it's time to verbalise the unsaid - do so in the safe, supportive and professional environment that Andrew offers.

It's not always easy to stare down chocolate and walk away unharmed. Dietician services are essential to help you maintain your health, especially if you are what you eat. Rechelle Polsoni from Fuel Your Life dietetics will sit with you in clinic (or in your home!) to help build a suitable, tailored meal plan for you. Allergies, disease and even pain can all result in changes to dietary requirements, so give your tummy peace of mind and arrange a consultation with Rechelle today. 

What can Sycamore Health offer me?

Your friendly team of locally based therapists with the experience to reduce your pain, restore your wellness, and improve your quality of life. A variety of hands-on and hands-off approaches are utilised to deliver safe, effective and personalised treatment. Our physiotherapists have treated thousands of patients for reasons including acute pain, pre/post-surgical, sporting injuries, connective tissue disorders, chronic pain, and musculoskeletal injuries. Our exercise physiologist has personalised the training regimes for complex patients suffering with a diversity of diseases. Our links to psychological and dietetic care enable us to care for you - body and mind. We continually strive to be outstanding holistic care providers for the sake of ... you!

Is it safe - how can I be sure this is right for me?

We understand how it feels to be frustrated by injury. Nobody needs to settle with less than the best treatment available. At Sycamore health, we utilise the best evidence-based treatment approaches available to the profession - you can rest assured we'll have you back to your best as fast as possible. We're connected with a large network of therapists, general practitioners and specialists meaning even the toughest cases are managed quickly and effectively. Not to mention that our multidisciplinary approach by having many services under the one roof enables us to collaborate on the best therapies and interventions for every patient! No matter what the challenge - you are taken care of.

What makes Sycamore Health Different?

We aren't afraid to call it like it is! Many therapists are trained in their undergraduate or postgraduate studies and hold fast to the knowledge they have learned - but sometimes that creates fear of the unknown. Like an ostriche head in the sand, these therapists can become fearful to embrace the new evidence that is constantly emerging from the research literature. A Sycamore Health, we are committed to using only approved and proven approaches to treatment, ensuring you are always prescribed methods that have been shown to get results. Passive machine-based treatments like TENS, Ultrasound, Laser, Interferential and Shockwave have poor evidence for long term clinical outcomes - that is why you wont see any in our clinic. Instead, we will encourage natural tissue healing and work to moderate your pain as authentically as we can; this is for both short term relief and long term management. You will be given a treatment plan that covers you from A through Z. Additionally, you will be shown preventative measures to make sure you'll be better prepared next time the world throws a lemon your way.

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