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Physiotherapy you can trust! 

At Sycamore Health, we provide holistic, positive and individualised physiotherapy and exercise physiology services. Are you concerned about a niggle that isn’t settling down? Do you have a new injury that’s impacting your workout routine? Whatever your concern is, we will work to help you get back to your best - fast!

We are proud to support NDIS participants with both our physiotherapists and our exercise physiologist, who can offer tailored evidence-based supports to help you achieve your NDIS goals. We can even assist you in your application to the NDIS, or for those requiring supporting evidence at upcoming plan reviews. At Sycamore Health, we will help you navigate the scheme to get the best result you can.

We have two convenient locations, so pop in to see us at either Morayfield or Sippy Downs for all your physiotherapy and exercise physiology needs. 

Our Services

Physiotherapy is so much more than just a really good rub. The human body and all its complexities mean that your issues require a complex approach to manage; ...this is where physiotherapists develop their holistic expertise - by treating so much more than just the muscle! Sprained it? Jarred it? 'Popped' it? Woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Acute or chronic, pain doesn't have to immobilise you. Get moving again by booking in to see James, Andrew, Mitch or Dave!
Services delivered specifically for Men. Treatments for prostate-related surgery, urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction ...Physiotherapy that works for men, delivered by men. Dave and James will tailor, train and treat you for anything that impacts you below the belt. We are trained in real-time ultrasound, internal examination and erection assistance devices. Start your recovery by booking for a Men's Health Physiotherapy appointment here.
Abby, our Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP), will deliver an individualised program tailored to your specific needs. As no two clients are the same, Abby will help you find ...the perfect program to help you get back to your physical best. You provide your goals and we provide the tools to get you there! Exercise doesn't have to be scary, hard or boring - come and see why exercise prescription has become the drug of choice.
It's not always easy to stare down chocolate and walk away unharmed. Dietician services are essential to help you maintain your health, especially ...if you are what you eat. Rechelle Polsoni from Fuel Your Life dietetics will sit with you in clinic (or in your home!) to help build a suitable, tailored meal plan for you. Allergies, disease and even pain can all result in changes to dietary requirements, so give your tummy peace of mind and arrange a consultation with Rechelle today.
NDIS plans can be complicated and it can be a huge challenge to organise the support you need to reach your goals, ... live more independently and engage in the community. At Sycamore Health, we offer a holistic support coordination service to help you understand your NDIS plan, connect you to the most appropriate NDIS service providers for you, and help maintain your supports.
Lung Diagnostics QLD operate their respiratory laboratory from the Sycamore Health clinic in Morayfield. Using ...your valid referral, you can access bulk billed lung function testing. You can book online here or call Lung Diagnostics QLD directly to make an appointment.
Psychologists look beyond the physical to help you see things a little clearer. Our contracted psychologists are there to listen to your needs ... and empower you to work through the issues that you face. Sometimes you need to learn a strategy, or develop a new frame of mind, or perhaps it's time to verbalise the unsaid - do so in the safe, supportive and professional environment that Sycamore Health offers. Currently, we DO NOT have psychology available - please contact the clinic for more information.
Naturopathic services offered by a holistic practitioner. Experienced in remedies for illnesses of all types, naturopathy blends... ancestral knowledge with modern science. You receive an assessment focused on holistic connections between functional biochemistry and energetics.
Does your NDIS Plan include physiotherapy, exercise physiology, hydrotherapy, dietetics or psychology support? You can access all those services at Sycamore Health.... Simply book your initial NDIS appointment with one of our physiotherapists or exercise physiologists. We treat all participants above the age of 7. If you have particularly complex disabilities and needs, please contact our clinic first.


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What can Sycamore Health offer me?

Your friendly team of locally based therapists with the experience to reduce your pain, restore your wellness, and improve your quality of life. A variety of hands-on and hands-off approaches are utilised to deliver safe, effective and personalised treatment. Our physiotherapists have treated thousands of patients for reasons including acute pain, pre/post-surgical, sporting injuries, connective tissue disorders, chronic pain, and musculoskeletal injuries. Our exercise physiologist has personalised the training regimes for complex patients suffering with a diversity of diseases. Our links to psychological, dietetic care and respiratory testing enable us to care for you - all over. We continually strive to be outstanding holistic care providers for the sake of ... you!

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