Physiotherapy at Sippy Downs

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Convenient Hours and Undivided Care at Sycamore Health

Sycamore Health has recently opened a new location in Sippy Downs. We’re keen to help locals develop healthy patterns of movement, recover from injuries or manage chronic conditions by providing high-quality physiotherapy services in a convenient location.

Physiotherapy at Sippy Downs

Physiotherapy helps you move well, reducing pain and improving overall health and wellbeing. Whatever’s hindering your movements, our physiotherapists can:

  • Assess your symptoms and movement patterns
  • Identify the cause of any movement difficulties
  • Prescribe tailored exercises to improve your movement and reduce pain
  • Assist in managing chronic conditions through exercises
  • Provide hands-on treatment to release tension, stretch muscles or guide your body through a particular exercise.
Physiotherapy at Sippy Downs

Where to find
Sycamore Health at Sippy Downs

You’ll find us at:
4/44 Central Drive
Sippy Downs Qld 4556

Where exactly is that, you ask? It’s on the ground floor of the Atria Building at the corner of Stringybark Rd and Central Drive. 

Opening hours at Sippy Downs
We’re open at Sippy Downs from 8am-5pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

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