Incontinence Physiotherapy Treatment Explained

Physiotherapy for pelvic floor dysfunction is a niche area of physical rehabilitation, which involves the treatment of bladder and bowel control issues, sexual pain disorders, prolapse, pregnancy-related musculoskeletal issues and chronic pelvic pain. Women's Health and Continence (Incontinence Physiotherapy Treatment), as well as pelvic floor therapy, is for both men and women.

Sycamore Health is currently not offering women's health physio, 
contact us for a list of people who can help

What can WH+C Physiotherapists treat?




Pelvic Floor and Pain

Pre / Post Surgery

Peri-natal (pregnancy)

... and so much more! WHC physiotherapy (incontinence physiotherapy treatment) will have you strain-free and feeling fine in no time. Physiotherapist's are also qualified in dry needlingpilates, hydrotherapy and exercise prescription. Rachel is also qualified in Myotherapy and Visceral Manipulation, which are therapies available to you at our clinic. These adjuncts may be the perfect holistic approach to your problems. 

Sycamore Health is currently not offering women's health or continence physio,
contact us for a list of people who can help

How does it all work?

The Physiotherapist will bring you in for your consultation, run through your health history and current presentation of symptoms.
 Then they’ll perform a thorough physical assessment using a series of special tests, in order to establish a working diagnosis. This is private, and only by your consent.
Treatment is then based on your diagnosis and presenting symptoms. They aim to restore you to function as quickly as possible! 

 They also give a little bit of homework, usually exercises. These are are designed to decrease pain, improve strength and restore function, and are vital to your recovery. 

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