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Knee Osteoarthritis Part 3: Management

Insert TestimonialInsert Symbol or Content Template Help, I've got knee arthritis! Many people over the age of 50 will experience the symptoms of knee arthritis.  The knee joint is the most common area of the body where people will experience arthritis pain.  As a lot of people will get their symptoms when being physical eg. walking, standing etc. there tends to be a common thought that exercise and movement are bad for the knees, leading many people to move less and stop doing th...

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Physiotherapy Pain Management

Insert TestimonialInsert Symbol or Content Template Physiotherapy Pain Management If you are suffering from severe pain, whether it be chronic or severe, it is most probably time to seek some sort of medical intervention to address any underlying issue, and improve your quality of life. Seeing a General Practitioner (GP) can be the best first step in addressing this, as they have the skills and ability to treat the pain themselves, and involve a specialist if required. Your GP ma...

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Sports Massage

Insert TestimonialInsert Symbol or Content Template Sports Massage Australians love their sport - there’s no doubt about that. Whether you’re an active participant, or an enthusiastic supporter, sports and physical activity can take a fair toll on your body if you’re not proactive. A poor posture in the grandstand or on the couch can lead to tight and sore muscles. Or, considering the average training schedule of competitive players (two trainings and a game per week), your ch...

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